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Friday, April 8, 2011


Some say one is a very lonely number,
but really one is a very powerful number

It only takes ONE straw to break a camel's back.

ONE tiny needle can hide in a haystack. 

ONE too many cooks can ruin the stew.

ONE bad apple can spoil the bunch

So if ONE has such power to ruin, why can't one have power to succeed?

I think ....

ONE need should be met

ONE voice should be heard

ONE person should be seen

ONE child should be saved

ONE mouth should be fed

ONE home should be safe

The power of ONE is much more than we give it credit for.
After all, a marathon starts with ONE step, a sermon starts with ONE word, and a waterfall starts with ONE single drop of water.*    

If we start there, with just ONE, then the waterfall will come. 

*Waterfall - quoted from "The Power Of One" -1992

Krista Beckley © 2011


My voice is an echo
ringing down the empty hall
no one listens
no one hears
who would think to care

our voices joined as one are powerful
my voice alone is weak
voices united against my signal call for help

my voice - the sound travels quick
it falls

on deaf ears

Krista Beckley © 2011